Postnatal Rejuvenation

Learn how to take care of your body to keep you healthy and strong when your baby arrives!

Whitney Sippl, PT, DPT, WCS is a women’s health physical therapist and is board certified as a women’s certified specialist. She is passionate about pre/postnatal care and developed the prenatal and postpartum program at Sarton Physical Therapy. 

She is devoted to promoting awareness, well-being and healing of her patients with a goal of empowering women during the pregnancy and postnatal periods to address any discomforts or concerns with regards to their bodies. She loves teaching women simple ways to take care of themselves while their bodies are changing during pregnancy and enjoys helping women get their bodies back after their journey through pregnancy and childbirth. 

This class will discuss ways to get your body back after your baby is born and is intended for women during pregnancy and the postnatal period. Ideally this class would be taken during pregnancy to prepare for the postnatal period; however, the information is very beneficial whether you are early postnatal or even years postnatal. 

Topics include: 

  • Kegels and the pelvic floor: How to really do a kegel and know if you’re doing it correctly (and is it appropriate?) 
  • Diastasis recti and abdominal exercises: How to correct abdominal separation and safe abdominal exercises to begin postnatal 
  • Posture and body mechanics: Correct positioning for nursing, carrying and lifting your baby, using baby carriers 
  • Scar tissue management: How to take care of perineal or cesarean scar tissue to prevent complications 
  • Sex after birth: What’s normal and what to do if you have discomfort 
  • Recommended postnatal products: Belly bands 
  • Any questions regarding pain, discomfort, leaking, etc. in the postnatal period: Back, pubic bone, tailbone pain, urinary incontinence, pelvic pressure/prolapse, etc. 

Class Schedule Coming Soon!

Please RSVP 714-770-8222 if you will be attending any of the events.

Whitney Sippl, PT, DPT, WCS

Whitney Sippl, PT, DPT, WCS

Whitney...I just wanted to thank you for hosting us and for the amazing education that you gave us. I look forward to referring my clients to you and the SARTON practice. What a gift you are to the birth community. 
— Orange County doula