Meet Allea

It’s have a tear in your rotator cuff—your shoulder—you’re getting physical therapy. If you have any trauma to any tissue, you’re getting physical therapy. So, why not...the core? You’re not getting therapy for that?
— Dr. Allea Francis, PT, DPT
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About Allea

Dr. Allea Francis brings her expertise and fresh perspective to Southern California all the way from Columbia, Missouri.

Allea earned her Bachelors of Health Sciences degree from the University of Missouri in 2015, before being granted early admission into the University of Missouri's Physical Therapy program and graduating with her doctorate degree in May of 2017.  

Giving back has always been part of Allea's humble, driven nature. During her time at the University of Missouri, she participated in PhysZOU, which is the largest pro bono clinic in the nation. In 2016, she further volunteered in Guatemala delivering services and restoring wheelchairs for individuals with disabilities. 

It was at a clinical rotation in Kansas City, Missouri, where Allea first found her passion for pelvic floor physical therapy. Hungry for the advancement of treatment, she chose to leverage her passion by developing a protocol for stroke victims with neurogenic bladder symptoms/urinary incontinence as this is a population that remains highly underserved. 

Upon graduation, Allea sought out to find a one of a kind mentoring program and applied for Sarton Physical Therapy's rigorous Fellowship Program. 1,000 Fellowship hours later, Allea completed her Fellowship training and now plays an integral role in Orange County's pelvic health community seeing patients out of our Tustin and Mission Viejo locations. The mission of Sarton PT's Fellowship program is to advance physical therapists to become leaders in the field of pelvic physical therapy, and to refine skill sets centered fundamentally around the hope and healing of our patients.

Allea has surpassed this goal and has become a pillar within Sarton PT with a special interest in working with both male and female pelvic pain patients, incontinence patients and oncology patients. She blends her traditional pelvic floor training with body balancing techniques to deliver an exceptional treatment experience. Her dedication to her patients makes her one of our most sought after PTs.

Allea brings her genuine excitement and growing knowledge as a dynamic pelvic floor therapist to our Orange County team. Outside the office, you can find Allea playing volleyball and soccer and spending time with her husband Jake and dog Brutus exploring Southern California and rooting on her favorite Kansas City sports teams.


  • Bachelors of Health Sciences, University of Missouri

  • University of Missouri School of Health Professions Physical Therapy program

Awards & Certifications

  • Sarton Physical Therapy Fellowship Graduate

  • Certificate of Completion through the University of Missouri of Pelvic Girdle Treatment and Assessment

Organizations & Professional Involvement

  • Member of the National Vulvodynia Association

  • Member of the American Physical Therapy Association

  • Sarton Physical Therapy's Fellowship Program Participant

  • Member of the International Pelvic Pain Society

  • PhysZou Participant


I have to thank Dr. Allea Francis for changing my life and giving me hope that I will get better from the moment we had our first video session.
— L.M.P., Patient from Croatia
I am so happy to have found Sarton PT and specifically, Dr. Allea Francis because she has helped me completely turn my life around since I started working with her last January. I went from being unable to tie my shoes without horrible pelvic/SI joint/back pain (at age 27 mind you) to being able to juggle working 12-hour hospital shifts and going to nursing school full time in less than a year! If that’s not a success story, I don’t know what is, but I do know that Sarton PT helped me get there.
— M.F.
I talk to my kids often about the importance of adding value to people’s lives...your care and kindess and desire to heal my tailbone has added tremendous value to my life. Thank you very much Allea. You are one of a kind.
— Melanie
Dr. Allea Francis (or Allea, as I call her), has been my physical therapist since my first day when I came in with no expectations after so many years of pain and feeling betrayed by my own body. After the very first session of receiving holistic patient education and top quality pelvic floor PT, my mind and body began to change for the better. My life has only been on the upswing since then, and every week (now every other week because I’m doing so well) that I go in, I feel stronger, more flexible and simply put, more able to live the life I was meant to live. The timing of finding Sarton PT could not have come at a better time in my life, as I had just been accepted into my top choice of accelerated graduate nursing programs and I was terrified that I would be unable to keep up with the rigor and physical demands of the program. Thanks to Allea, and by extension, Sarton PT, I have excelled both academically and physically because pelvic pain DOES NOT RULE MY LIFE ANYMORE!
— Maria