The Sarton Difference

Our Personal Mission to Provide Hope & Healing


We provide hope and healing for difficult diagnoses that require compassion, experience and proven success.

Sarton Physical Therapy was created to deliver hope and healing for life altering pelvic floor conditions: pelvic pain, pelvic organ prolapse, pain with sex, pudendal neuralgia, incontinence, interstitial cystitis, tailbone pain, coccyx pain, and other related disorders. We also offer expert care in pre and postpartum needs. We are led by a team of practitioners unmatched in experience and years of training.

Our mission is to deliver exceptional and unparalleled quality of care while providing every patient with a distinctive healing program that integrates the most current evidence based PT treatment for pelvic floor dysfunction. 

Pelvic health is one of the last and often poorly understood frontiers for both men and women. Currently, many suffer in silence or search relentlessly for answers, only to become frustrated by a lack of true understanding and expertise in the medical community. Sarton Physical Therapy practitioners understand that pelvic pain, sexual pain, pelvic organ prolapse or urinary leakage have the power to influence every aspect of one's existence—the ability to enjoy work, play, life, family and personal relationships. Many patients often wonder, "Am I the only one? What is wrong with me? Why is it so difficult to find help?" Fortunately, help is available to both men and women who do not need to suffer in isolation.


The Sarton Difference

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Unmatched Experience

Sarton Physical Therapy is undoubtedly the most experienced pelvic floor physical therapy practice in Orange County, with over 50 years in combined practice. Julie Sarton has been coined the “great grandmother” of pelvic PT in Orange County as she started the 1st hospital-based pelvic floor PT program 17 years ago (before founding Sarton PT), where she created a fellowship training for physical therapists who wanted to specialize in pelvic floor work.

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A True Team Approach

Sarton PT only hires the highest caliber physical therapists. Our team of 7 dynamic pelvic floor PTs has achieved advanced board certification in the combined world of Women’s Health and Orthopedics. Each therapist brings a unique strength to the team. Plus, we are the only pelvic floor clinic in California home to 4 Advanced Board Certified Clinicians. Visit our team page to learn more.

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Internal & External Collaboration

Internally, our PTs attend routine Grand Round meetings to ensure that they are conferencing patient cases, staying up-to-date with literature, and refining their treatment techniques. Beyond our clinic, we extensively network and communicate with the region’s best MDs and practitioners treating pelvic floor dysfunction.

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Longer Treatments

Our 55-minute treatment times, which are typically unheard of in this field, allow for faster results with fewer treatments and a more intimate relationship with our patients. Learn more about our powerful treatment model here.

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Extended Hours

For the working professional, we offer amazing treatment flexibility with hours that extend from 7am to 7pm, and routine Saturdays available in our Tustin and Los Alamitos offices.

Sarton Physical Therapy Multiple Locations

Multiple Locations

Offices strategically located throughout Orange County allow for our specialized services to be available to patients whose pain levels prevent them from traveling far distances. (We should note, though—patients visit us from all over the world!)

Innovative Treatment

Our treatment philosophy uses an integrative approach, taking into consideration both the body and the mind. Read about the various disciplines and modes we use to treat our patients—illustrated as puzzle pieces—in our Healing Heart personalized treatment plan guide.

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Literary Renown

Our physical therapists are published in peer-reviewed journals and contribute to the literature routinely. Peer reviewed publications include expert analysis of physical therapy treatment for pelvic pain, sexual pain and pelvic floor dysfunction.


Complex Case Treatment

It is not uncommon for patients to have seen anywhere from 5-8 different practitioners before walking through our doors. We often get the most challenging cases, which haven’t seen success elsewhere, and are able to help. See our Patient Testimonial page for firsthand accounts of these complex case success stories.

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Professional Education & Community Outreach

Sarton PT sets out beyond the treatment of patients to establish a community amongst medical professionals through education. On both national and international levels, Sarton PT co-founded the Pelvic Floor and Sexual Medicine (PFSM) group, where meetings are held to discuss the various roles of the pelvic floor in modern medicine. We also co-founded the Pelvic Education Alliance (PelvicEA), whose mission is to change the face of pelvic health physical therapy by bridging the gap between orthopedic and pelvic floor approaches to physical therapy.

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Patient Education

We do more than treat our patients—we teach them, too! Not only during visits, but patients have access to a wide array of valuable resources online (including videos) once they are a part of our practice. The goal is to teach patients to become their own therapists, equipping them with the tools they need to succeed. We routinely host on-site education for our staff, too, bringing in the best of the best from across the country so that they may always be better equipped to treat and teach patients.

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Complimentary Billing

We aim to help our patients get the best possible benefits from their insurance company and will advocate on behalf of the patient to get the coverage they pay for and deserve. We will not only submit a patient’s claim, but also assist them in obtaining the required authorizations so patients can focus solely on healing. Read more about our Billing Policy.

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Warriors in Pelvic Health

We are immeasurably passionate about the pelvic floor movement and have made it our personal goal to see it exist on a larger scale.