Coccyx Dysfunction

Coccyx dysfunction is often the root cause to low back and pelvic pain. In fact, in our current practice, 80% of our patients that complain of pelvic pain have coccyx dysfunction as part of their root cause.

Our certified pelvic floor therapists can assess the tailbone using a combination of internal and external pelvic floor techniques. Our method marries pelvic floor muscle work with a comprehensive orthopedic approach to address any type of pain or dysfunction that may be coming from the tailbone. Your experience with Sarton Physical Therapy will be unique and individualized as our therapists walk you through the various roles of the coccyx in relation to your pelvic, low back pain and/or activity limitations.

Pain during intercourse, also known as dysparuenia, is very common. Get treated at Sarton Physical Therapy.

The coccyx PLAYS 4 major roles, which include:

  • Anchoring

  • Movement

  • Support

  • Childbirth and defecation

In terms of anchoring, there are many structures that attach onto the small surface area on the coccyx. Muscles, fascia, ligaments, the sacrum, the dural tube and viscera all anchor onto the coccyx. If we consider the position of a dysfunctional coccyx that may present excessively side bent to the left, it will shorten the pelvic floor muscles creating hypertonicity on that left side. Due to the hypertonicity of the left pelvic floor muscles, the muscles on the right side would need to compensate and over elongate causing further imbalance. You can read more about the anchoring role of the coccyx on our blog.

Another role of the coccyx is support of important organs such as the rectum and anus. If, for example, the position of the coccyx is too far forward flexed you can imagine how it will restrict the normal expansion of the rectum as it collects stool. In this way, defecation can be affected and the person may present with symptoms of constipation.


How does Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Help?

The position of the coccyx will affect everything that attaches to it.

Therefore, every patient suspected to have pelvic floor muscle hypertonicity should have their coccyx examined. At some point in a patient's past, he/she may have sustained a fall onto their tailbone that has affected the position of their coccyx. In fact, falls are the number one reason for coccyx dysfunction, secondary to the trauma of childbirth. If you are experiencing low back pain and/or pelvic pain and have not been evaluated and treated for coccyx dysfunction, Sarton PT can help get you back on track and out of pain. Come experience one of the most comprehensive and thorough evaluations in Orange County available for coccyx dysfunction. To help our patients heal faster, we employ cutting-edge modalities such as warm laser therapy and teach them pain-reduction strategies as well as self treatment techniques. To ensure the best results, the therapists at Sarton Physical Therapy always spend an hour with each patient during every appointment.

Let our expert Physical Therapists with advanced board certification in pelvic floor physical therapy help. Please contact Sarton Physical Therapy with any questions or to have your patients schedule an appointment. 

The coccyx has 4 major roles, including: anchoring, movement, support, and childbirth and defecation.
I was reluctant when my urologist insisted I try Sarton PT for my coccyx/sitting pain because I had a horrible experience with pelvic floor PT in the past and I also live in Texas! My doctor, however, was right and getting treated by Julie Sarton is worth the trips I am making to California every few months. Julie is the kindest most compassionate person you could ever meet and her experience with pelvic floor PT is unparalleled. She explained to me in detail why I was having this pain and in just 3 sessions I could feel the improvement in my symptoms. Julie gave me a home excercise program to follow until I see her again and she offered to guide any pelvic floor PT I find back home. Thank you Sarton PT for a being a warm and healing place like no other and for giving me hope.
— N.A.A.