My First Visit

Questions about what to expect for your first pelvic floor physical therapy appointment? Here are some helpful video resources.

Getting started on your healing journey has never been easier. After watching this video, please contact our front desk for next steps.


What to Expect at Your First Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Appointment

This video walks you through:

  • Step 1: Paperwork

  • Step 2: Pre-treatment Chat

  • Step 3: Pelvic Anatomy Education "Crash Course"

  • Step 4: Objective Exam

  • Step 5: Posture Assessment

  • Step 6: Fascial & Muscular Layers Assessments

  • Step 7: Internal Exam

  • Step 8: Change Clothes

  • Step 9: Plan of Action

  • Step 10: Begin Your Healing Journey


Lives Changed by our pelvic floor physical therapy programs:

As a physician practicing emergency medicine, I know what it is to save a life and I can say without exaggeration that Julie saved mine. I am forever grateful.
— S.S.
I was expecting the facility to be cold, uninviting and clinical like the many doctor offices I had been in over the last two years, but it was welcoming, comfortable and I kid you not, spa like.
— L.S.
After just 4 sessions, I feel 90% better. I will not even try to go back to my HMO.
— K.B.

You can also receive treatment for the comfort of your own home with online treatment.

With virtual sessions, we can set up a video chat to assess your unique case and determine the best method of treatment.


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