No two patients are alike.

We build your treatment plan from scratch, using our Healing Heart as a guide. Our multi-disciplinarian team allows for true integration of the following treatments under one roof.

Sarton Physical Therapy offers personalized treatment plans

Sarton Physical Therapy Personalized Treatment Guide

We believe healing is multi-modal. Our Healing Heart illustrates the different "puzzle piece" treatment approaches availble for ideal healing.

Our comprehensive evaluation will help to identify the causes driving your symptoms. An extensive medical history and physical exam reveals whether poor posture, faulty biomechanics, tight muscles, trigger points, weakness, or nerve disorders are part of your problem. Additionally, restricted scar tissue or adhesions, connective tissue and fascial restriction are always assessed.

1) Physical Therapy:

The mainstay of our treatment; highly specialized techniques including myofascial release, connective tissue mobilization, muscle energy techniques, visceral mobilization, pneumatic cupping, joint mobilization,and craniosacral therapy.

2) Therapeutic Massage:

Includes unique osteopathic principles integrated with traditional massage and structural realignment techniques. This is complimentary to the advanced internal and external techniques our physical therapists use.

3) Rapid Release Technology:

This effective tool elicits the Tonic Vibration Reflex (TVR), quickly relaxing muscles. This neurological effect quickly relaxes cramps, spasms, muscle guarding, and all the pain that comes with it. Quick, painless treatments target the underlying cause of soft tissue problems and routinely gives immediate results.

4) Class 4 Laser:

Sarton PT is one of the only PT clinics in Orange County to integrate a warm class 4 laser routinely into treatment. The laser is a superior modality that allows for improved blood flow to tissues, increased ATP at a cellular level, and accelerated tissue repair and healing through increased leukocyte activity.

5) Functional Mobility:

Receive instruction in proper body mechanics and postural/alignment. Learn new neuromuscular movement patterns and strategies including improved standing, sitting, and gait/walking.

6) Pelvic Floor Pilates and Yoga:

An integral part of our healing program. Lengthen and strengthen key muscles of the pelvic girdle and spine. Our program is based on research that identifies the most effective exercises for pelvic floor dysfunction whether you have a weakness issue or an underlying hypertonic issue.

7) Pain Science Education:

Research reveals understanding the biology of pain sets the stage for greater outcomes with treatment. Incorporating these principles into your everyday life is essential. We guide you through the Explain Pain book - integrating these principles is a must for effective healing.

8) Supplements:

According to documented literature, fish oil taken in high doses is a powerful anti-inflammatory proven to be just as effective as ibuprofen. It further improves the ratio of Omega 3's to Omega 6’s in our diet. TheAmerican diet unfortunately is saturated with high Omega 6 levels which promote inflammation. Other key supplements such as turmeric, Vitamin D, and Vitamin B are suggested based on your presentation. If thyroid issues or methylation issues are present, specific recommendations and referrals are made.

9) Nutrition:

We provide education on inflammatory foods and quick, easy steps you can take to decrease the inflammation process through the foods you eat. Handouts outlining what to add and what to avoid per diagnose are available. Referrals to nutritionists in the area are given as needed.

10) Medical Management:

Collaboration with your MD, pharisaic, naturopath, and/or pain management MD is standard of care in our practice. If pharmacology, injections, or blocks are needed to calm the nervous system and decrease pain, referrals to the appropriate MD are given. Muscle relaxant suppositories can be recommended to help break the pain - spasm cycle early on in treatment.

11) Acupuncture:

Collaboration with acupuncturists who specialize with pelvic dysfunction, fertility, and pain occur routinely. Needling can occur before or in between physical therapy sessions to augment treatment.

12) Guided Imagery:

Change your mind, change your body. Imagery activates the autonomic nervous system that regulates global body functions as well as the pelvic floor. Rhona Jordan, a brilliant guided imagery therapist and certified hypnotherapist is available to come onsite and be present during any of your treatment sessions. See to learn more.

13) Mental Health:

Chronic pain is often accompanied by stress, anxiety, and even depression. Working with the right mental health practitioner helps to decrease this and supports our ability to handle the natural ups and downs of life. Sarton PT has resources in the community including sex therapists, psychologists, and even psychiatrists for you. The mind-body connection cannot be underestimated in the healing process.

14) Home Program:

The most important piece! You are given the tools and taught the techniques to self-treat to help speed up the healing process and eventually become your own PT. This piece is necessary for carryover between treatments and is an essential component of your discharge from formal PT. Our goal is to empower our patients to take control of their pelvic health.