Class IV Warm Laser Therapy

Physiological Benefits of Laser Therapy

Sarton Physical Therapy is excited to have the Biolase 10 to help patients maximize their progress towards long term goals of decreased pain and increased function. We are one of few clinics in Southern California able to offer this new, effective treatment.

Laser therapy excites kinetic energy in the cells by transmitting healing energy known as photons. Skin absorbs these photons via a photo-chemical effect (not a photo-thermal effect) thereby affecting the tissues without the risk of heat-damage to the tissues. Photons reaching the cells of the body promote a cascade of cellular reactions called “photobiomodulation." 

The following is a partial list of positive effects of photobiomdualation (laser therapy):

+ Increased leukocyte activity

Acceleration of tissue repair and decrease of pain

+ Increased neurovascularization

New vessel growth and increased oxygenation

+ Increased fibroblast production

Speeds tissue repair

+ Stabilization of cellular membrane of damaged cells

Prevents further damage of cells in the body

+ Increased tensile strength

Helps to prevent re-injury of the tissue

+ Enhancement of ATP production and synthesis

Gives cells more energy to do their specific tasks in the body

+ Decreased C-Reactive protein Neopterin and acceleration of leukocytic activity

Decreases inflammation and stimulates body’s innate immune system response to promote healing

+ Enhanced lymphocyte response with reduction of Interleukin 1 (IL-1)

Decreases inflammation

+ Enhanced superoxide dismutase (SOD) levels

Increases antioxidative mechanisms in the cell

+ Stimulation of vasodilation with increased angiogenesis

Stimulates new blood vessels for improved blood flow to tissues



Sarton Physical Therapy may use laser therapy in conjunction with skilled manual physical therapy to optimize clinical results in the treatment of various chronic pelvic pain diagnoses and pelvic floor dysfunctions.