From Dubai to California | Healing From Pudendal Neuralgia is Possible, No Matter Where You Live

Not located in Southern California? Learn more our Global Patient Program to see how we can help you. Tracy (center) traveled to us from Dubai to conquer Pudendal Neuralgia.

Not located in Southern California? Learn more our Global Patient Program to see how we can help you. Tracy (center) traveled to us from Dubai to conquer Pudendal Neuralgia.

We have said it before and we will say it again—healing from pudendal neuralgia is possible!

Meet Tracy who recently came to us all the way from Dubai (that’s over 8,000 miles!) for two weeks of intensive treatment for her pudendal neuralgia. Tracy’s journey with us started before she even got to the U.S. with multiple online sessions, during which we created and taught her an individualized self-treatment program for her to start from the other side of the world. 

If you think that hands-on treatment is the only way you can better, think again.

Tracy is a shining example that when patients are taught to become the CEO of their own body, and are empowered with tools to self treat their pain and dysfunction, healing starts to occur.

As Tracy will share in an upcoming video, she started implementing the specific techniques and exercises we taught her and subsequently could literally feel pressure start to lift off of her pudendal nerve!

Her pain levels started to drop and she hadn’t even stepped foot in our clinic. Tracy went from not being able to sit for more than a few minutes to sitting for very functional time periods and starting to feel human again.

By the time Tracy arrived at our clinic in Orange County, Southern California, we were ecstatic to learn that her pelvic pain and pudendal nerve symptoms were already down by over 50%!

Once onsite with us, we were able to deliver a highly individualized treatment program for Tracy that included the following:

  1. Further central nervous system calming and down-training with integration of our guided imagery specialist to assist with a healing picture connecting the mind and body

  2. Extensive manual therapy—both external and internal—addressing the many fascial, muscular and bony dysfunctions we found literally from head to toe

  3. Gentle nerve flossing of key pelvic nerves and exercises for Tracy to reinforce this at home

  4. Expansion of her home program and self treatment techniques

  5. Coordination of medical management with an amazing MD we work with to get her a low-dose neuropathic medication to help further reduce her pudendal nerve pain

Tracy is well on her way to healing and her drop in pudendal nerve pain has been AMAZING. She is beyond inspirational on so many levels and we are honored to walk her healing journey with her.

Please know that if you are suffering form Pudendal Neuralgia or any other pelvic pain syndrome such as interstitial cystitis, vulvodynia, vestibulodynia, coccydynia, prostatitis, painful sex, vaginismus or endometriosis that hope and healing are available. Don’t give up!

If you would like to learn more about our Global Patient Program, please see our website at or schedule a tele-health conference with us at Sarton Physical Therapy by calling our Tustin clinic at 714-770-8222. Here’s to your pelvic healing!

Video Guide

International Patient Tracey’s Pudendal Neuralgia Healing Journey

0:25 - The beginning of my journey with Pudendal Neuralgia

3:10 - Pudendal Neuralgia explanation “atomic explosion in my pelvis”

6:20 - Step 1 in Healing: Acceptance

7:49 - Google + Pudendal Neuralgia

8:47 - Working with Sarton Physical Therapy

9:26 - My first conversation with Allea

12:01 - What if I got on a plane and went to the other side of the world?”

13:13 - I couldn’t sit at all

14:05 - The magical healing formula

17:07 - I feel respected. I feel intact. I don’t feel violated in any way.

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