Scar Rehabilitation

Heal your scars the right way with experienced physical therapists.

Pelvic floor physical therapy can help with ALL scars, whether from a C-section or episiotomy, hysterectomy, or any other pelvic surgery, breast cancer surgery, or orthopedic related surgery.

We share this beautiful passage by Gil Hedley, Ph.D. with our patients who have scars:

Scars testify to our healing abilities, as much as they are reminders of past wounds. We sometimes take for granted the astonishing fact that we can knit ourselves together again after we’ve been pierced, or torn apart. And while scars can indeed introduce limit-cycles to our movement, they are also the prerequisite to moving forward at all after you have endured an injury. That chapter has to be closed at some point, even if you are changed by it in unexpected ways. Warming up to scars isn’t always easy. Our relationships with them are often conflicted. They call on us to visit the past with compassion, invite movement where it is unduly resisted, and accept our functional adaptations as the remarkable accomplishments that they are.
— Gil Hedley, Integral Anatomy

Remember, you are a warrior, and your scars tell a beautiful story of magnificent resilience. Own it, love it, care for it.

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Below are some examples of post-surgical challenges:

  • Scar sensitivity/pain

  • Limited shoulder range of motion

  • Neck/shoulder/rib pain

  • Numbness/tingling to upper extremity

  • Inability to return to regular exercise

  • Loss of strength and endurance

During the initial visit, a physical therapy assessment and comprehensive evaluation will be taken to identify the root musculoskeletal and neuromuscular causes of symptoms and associated limitations. Shoulder, trunk and upper extremity tissue mobility will be assessed along with scars, breathing patterns, posture, joint range, and muscle strength. Then an individual treatment plan will be created with specific patient centered goals which may include:

  • Postural training

  • Proper scar education and care

  • Connective tissue treatment throughout shoulder, neck and trunk

  • Nerve glides

  • Myofascial release

  • Breathing, stretching, and strengthening exercises

It is gold standard to undergo physical therapy after orthopedic surgeries, and it should be the same standard for breast surgeries. Rehabilitation and healing can be a daunting process alone. Let our expert Physical Therapists help in rehabilitation after breast surgeries. Please contact us with any questions or to have your patients schedule and appointment.