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About Rhona

An avid believer in the powers of imagery, Rhona works with patients during their physical therapy treatments to better manage trauma, sadness, anger, stress, fear, symptoms and pain.

Patients are invited to record imagery sessions (on your phone) for reinforcement.  We have always used imagination, which is the oldest form of healing. Imagination releases powerful chemical changes in all the systems of the body.  Example: Imagine a noisy bee caught in your hair, or biting into a sour lemon or smelling a rose.  Rhona has a private practice in Orange.

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Rhona Jordan Guided Imagery Specialist and author of our Amazing Itty Bitty® Imagery Book.jpg


International Hypnosis Federation, 2003-2005

Clinical, Medical & Dental Hypnosis and Hypnosis Instructor, Certifications

Received the Humanitarian of the Year Award March 2009 for work with trauma survivors, Past President of IHF Orange County Chapter

Certificatieon and Memberships: American Board of Hypnotherapy, International Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy, International Hypnosis Federation, Guided Imagery Guide (sm), Guided Imagery Therapist, Studied Regression Therapy in New Deli India, Certified in Regression Therapy in India and in the USA, Association for Integrative Psychology, American Holistic Health Association, American Association for the Studyof Mental Imagery, Association for Humanistic Pschology, International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, The National Guild of Hypnotherapist. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Society (TOSS)

Rhona Jordan is a legal Alternative Healthcare Provider and not a California licensed healing arts practitioner.


Dr. Chuck Leviton, 2003

Guided Imagery Therapist, Imagery, Certified


Chopra University, 2016

Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor, Meditation and Mantras

Joined the global teachers path as Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor for Deepak Chopra. Offering Meditation, Mantra and Mantra instruction for Corporations, private groups, individuals and family. in Orange County, CA


Volunteer Experience

Volunteer, Emergency Response Team serving Orange County, CA, 2007

Trauma Intervention Program (TIP)

Disaster and Humanitarian Relief

Rhona Jordan was honored for her first responder work with trauma victims in Orange County. The International Hypnsis Federation in San Pedro, presented Rhona with the Humanitarian of the Year Award , March 2009 for her service to citizens during the most difficult time of their lives. Following a traumatic event, TIP voluteers provide the necessary temporary support until the people involved are able to depend on their own natural support system.


Volunteer Consultant for play "Tranced" January 2008

The Laguna Playhouse, Laguna Beach, CA


Rhona was consultant for the play "Tranced. A suspense thriller about truth, obligation and control from Bob Clymon, author of the criticaly acclaimed Secret Order. Laguna Playhouse was kind enough to endorse Rhona with a six page story about her contribution to the play in the Callboard, a playgoers guide, volume 2 Issue 3 January 2008.


Volunteer Guided Imagery with patients during chemo infusions, 2008

BreastLink Medical Practice, Breast Oncology Care, Orange, CA


BreastLink Medical Practice, Breast Oncology Care invited me to lecture each month in the Cordelia Knott Wellness Foundation, offering information to nurses, patients, doctors, caregivers about the mind, attitude and potential for healing with imagery. At the same time offering imagery to patients during their chemo infusions. My brochures are offered in each patient packet and in each surgery packet. I am currently volunteering at BreastLink on Main Street in Orange, CA.



Board of Advisors
International Hypnosis Federation
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome society, Inc. (TOSS)

Current Memberships
International Hypnosis Federation
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Society, Inc. (TOSS)
Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association

Past Memberships
American Board of Hypnotherapy, Association for Integrative Psychology, American Holistic Health Association, Association for Humanistic Psychology, American Association for the Study of Mental Imagery, The national Guild of Hypnosis