How to Support Your Loved Ones Suffering From Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Here are 4 things to consider when comforting your loved ones suffering with pelvic pain and other forms of pelvic floor dysfunction.Photo by

For our patients, the pain and discomforts associated with pelvic floor dysfunction can make everyday activities more inconvenient and uncomfortable than they need to be. During the holiday season, attitudes and events that are joyful in nature can become stressful and problematic, reminding those suffering of the freedoms they have lost due to their pelvic floor issues.

Of course, this applies to people from all walks of life dealing with various challenges life can throw your way. Whether you know someone going through a divorce, financial struggles, work-related trials, or loss of any kind, these 4 approaches to offering comfort are helpful tools in guiding how you react. 

These suggestions can be applied beyond pelvic pain as well, into challenges including divorce, financial struggles, grief, and more.


What do you think? What are some other ways you believe are effective methods in comforting those who are suffering? Have you experienced these methods yourself?