Healing from Pudendal Neuralgia — Yes, it is Possible!

Fine artist Vanessa Roth overcame Pudendal Neuralgia with pelvic floor physical therapy.

Fine artist Vanessa Roth overcame Pudendal Neuralgia with pelvic floor physical therapy.

This is a story of a woman named Vanessa, who conquered Pudendal Nueralgia. Yes, we're here to confirm that YOU CAN heal from PN. Take a deep breath, a sigh of relief. There is work ahead, but here is proof that the work, works.

“Julie Sarton and her team have saved my life... more than once. When I first discovered them I was suffering from Pudendal Neuralgia and had been to many doctors. Julie helped diagnose me which was so important. After seeing her for a period my pain went away completely, something I had not thought possible. I was also, with her help, able to have children which doctors had said was not possible. I was fine all thru the pregnancies, as well as after I recovered so well I was able to play Volleyball again and resume work full time, with kids. When my L4 disc went out recently (12 years later) I went to Sarton PT again and am currently well again, after just 5 months this time.”

We have a room in our clinic known as "Vanessa's Room"—decorated with the art Vanessa created as a therapeutic release during her time in treatment for her pudendal neuralgia.

Her art hangs on these walls as a way to inspire current and future patients to turn pain and hopelessness into just the opposite: colorful, beautiful and meaningful traces of hope and healing. See more of her work here.

“I had to quit my job as art director, I could barely sit, or walk and was very concerned about how to heal and return to a normal life. Julie Sarton and her team have literally saved my life. With physical therapy, and serious commitment to healing, on both our parts, I was able to fully recover from PN. I did all my home movements, I ate very healthy including juicing, drinking lots of water, took my fish oil and never missed a day of therapy. Don't give up, and stay positive. This helped me to heal. It takes time for the muscles to get out of the pain cycle... and then it takes additional time for your nerve to heal. Be patient, and put in the effort, it takes all you have to heal but you can do it! You can heal!”

We are so thankful to have walked beside Vanessa on her healing journey, and now witness her create more and more incredible art pieces all over the world!

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