Having Trouble Finding A Pelvic Health Specialist for Men? We've Got You Covered.

pelvic floor physical therapy for men

The following is a firsthand account of a male’s experience with pelvic floor physical therapy at Sarton Physical Therapy.

“As a male having any pelvic floor ailment one soon finds out that pelvic floor physical therapy specialists for men are exceedingly difficult to come by...

…especially with the high magnitude of experience that Julie Sarton and her team have at Sarton Physical Therapy! I was experiencing pain in my pelvic region from following an excessive road cycling regime. With effectively no help from local medical professionals I embarked on a journey that most with this sort of ailment do and started to research for myself. Once I suspected what my issue was it further became apparent that it was going to be difficult to get the medical attention necessary for recovery nor did I have a clue where to start literally in the World to find a medical professional that had the experience combined with the commitment to heal myself. As I became immersed in my research I soon found what by all accounts was the most experienced pelvic floor physical therapist on the continent or arguably the World that one could possibly have the fortune to find. I found Julie Sarton and the Sarton Clinic. When I made first contact with Julie to understand what services I could hope to receive, Julie spent over an hour on the telephone discussing my issue with me. It was instantly clear that I found a professional that genuinely cared about healing me. The rest is history …… I attended the Sarton Clinic and I am well on the way to recovery! Julie and her team continued to amaze me with their enthusiasm and unflagging commitment and determination to heal me! I cannot put clearly into words just how much the Sarton clinic helped me. Thank you!”

We want to encourage you to get evaluated by one of our outstanding physical therapists, and regain control of your life. Pelvic pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, back pain, tailbone pain—you name it—these conditions do not have to control your life. There is hope. Call us today to book an appointment for 1 of our 3 Southern California locations, or inquire about a virtual, online treatment session.

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