Overcoming Endometriosis & Opioid Addiction

overcoming opioid addiction and pelvic floor physical therapy for endometriosis

This is Jana—diagnosed with Endometriosis but defined only by her strength. Not only did she receive treatment for pain, muscle tightness and scarring, but also overcame her addiction to opiates, which she developed after having multiple surgeries.

If anyone deserves the title of superhero, it's Jana! In her own words: 

Jana 2.jpg

"I cannot begin to describe how much pelvic floor physical therapy has helped me -- more than any other medicine, treatment or physician has helped. I was apprehensive to try it when I first began, but am so glad I did. Physically, my pain and muscle tightness/scarring has improved vastly, and I know how to deal with flare ups when they do happen. Emotionally, I feel so much stronger, knowing there is an answer to this pain, and I don't have to deal with it on a daily basis anymore. After my third surgery I became badly addicted to opiates, and I nearly lost my life in the grips of that addiction. I also suffered from depression and anxiety, and was on too many medications to count. I am lucky to have escaped that through rehab and therapy (6 years clean!) and now with physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, reiki, diet, psychotherapy and naturopathic care have learned to manage pain and anxiety without medication, other than birth control. Without the drastic improvement from starting physical therapy, this change would not have been possible for me. I am so grateful to have my life back, that I am no longer controlled by pain."

We are so proud of you, Jana. Thank you for sharing your story, enlightening the community in becoming more aware of pelvic floor dysfunction and addiction. 

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