My Favorite Way to Heal at the Soul Level


By: Dr. Julie Sarton

What does it mean to heal at the SOUL level?

True healing requires the integration of mind, body and spirit. At Sarton PT, this belief at the heart of what we do, the foundation on which we stand as we practice. This, however, does not usually happen naturally. It must be planned and prioritized, requiring that you set aside time for it (just like an appointment!)

This last weekend, I (Julie) did just that and immersed myself into nature with my soul sister. We hiked amongst the Redwoods, and created time and space for quiet reflection, meditation and transformation.

If you are anything like me, you often wait too long to do this!

I have learned over the years that my body will talk to me to remind me that it needs this. Not wants, but needs. What often starts as a gentle whisper soon becomes a loud roar if I don’t pay attention. It’s so easy to get caught up in the frantic pace of life (for me: motherhood, business owner, clinician, caregiver for aging parents, educator, etc.). While I don’t pretend to have mastered how to truly have a “balanced life,” I have strategically learned to build in time in nature for self care. Doing so heals me unlike anything else.

When is the last time you got into nature to breathe and heal? It can be as simple as a neighborhood walk, finding a bench near a lake to sit and reflect, or enjoying the beautiful beaches of Southern California. Let us not just SURVIVE through daily life, but THRIVE. Look to the center, to your heart and soul, and ask yourself what it needs. Prioritize this need, and watch what happens! Of course, it’s always better together. Find a supporter, or “soul sister” like I did, and work on this together. You are worth it. You are!!!

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