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What Makes a “Great” Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist? Look for These 10 Attributes.

Years of experience and extra letters after one’s name alone do not always guarantee that you are in the best hands to heal. Here’s how do you distinguish a “great” pelvic floor physical therapist from the average (or sometimes below average) ones.

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"I am 100% pain free today and have stayed pain free for over 5 years."

You may know it as painful bladder syndrome, IC, or even mistake it for reoccurring urinary tract infections, but there is one thing everyone can agree—Interstitial Cystitis is an often painful and always inconvenient pelvic floor condition.

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In Pain? 4 Things You Really Need to Tell Your Doctor

The current method used by medical professionals to express patient pain levels is often relative—learn how you can accurately communicate your unique pain symptoms with your doctor.

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