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Most Effective Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Treatment

New Year, New Treatment Model

This year, we will be introducing a powerful treatment model that allows our patients to be treated by not one, but two of our outstanding doctors of physical therapy during one of their treatment sessions. Traditional physical therapy treatment models take a patient from an aide to a brief visit with a physical therapist, and back to an aide to finish out the appointment. Here at Sarton Physical Therapy, we have always prided ourselves with our 55-minute one-on-one treatment times—no aides included. 

Now, Sarton Physical Therapy patients (especially those with complex cases) can be treated by their primary physical therapist and co-treated by Dr. Julie Sarton herself at one of their sessions.  In this session, patients will see two of the best doctors in the pelvic floor physical therapy industry, helping us all move forward to our united goal of providing hope and healing to both men and women suffering from pelvic and orthopedic dysfunctions.

Moving forward, our front desk will coordinate this novel treatment model into one of your future appointments. Follow-up appointments with this model can be considered. There is a slightly higher cost for these co-treatments. Those who request one-on-one appointments with solely Dr. Julie Sarton may do so, subject to the established rate for Dr. Sarton.

We want to encourage you to get evaluated by one of our outstanding physical therapists, and regain control of your life. Pelvic pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, back pain, tailbone pain—you name it—these conditions do not have to control your life. There is hope. Call us today to book an appointment for 1 of our 3 Southern California locations, or inquire about a virtual, online treatment session.

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