How to Pinpoint the True Source and Triggers of Your Pain

Pain Science | Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Understanding the Science of Pain—More Than a Feeling

Your morning routine is not an accident. You wake up, turn off your alarm, head straight to the bathroom or the coffee pot (something like that, right?)

Your brain has become dependent on the neurological pathways formed by the repeated succession of these habits.

Now, in response to pain or injury, the brain can undergo HUGE changes.

For a visual representation, here’s our sensory homunculus. Let’s say your pain originates in the genitals - maybe it’s a UTI, chronic prostatitis, whatever it is - THAT is where the sensory information came in.

As that area continues to be triggered (maybe it’s uncomfortable for you to sit, have sex, etc.) - the pain may spread. That’s because the neurons surrounding the genital area are becoming more sensitive. What once was genital pain has now migrated to my thigh, knee, foot, or a different part of your body.

This is called cortical remapping. We’ve run that pain pathway so frequently, that sometimes even walking in a certain pair of shoes triggers genital pain, for example. We see this with a lot with chronic pin conditions, fibromyalgia, and phantom limb pain.

Being able to track the sources and triggers of your pain is a huge step in your pelvic healing journey.

Watch a full recap of our Sarton Series on Pelvic Health: Pain Science lecture by Dr. Lindsey Liggan, PT, DPT, WCS, PRPC:

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