Pelvic Health After Baby: How to Address Postpartum Pain and Orthopedic Issues

proof that postpartum pelvic floor physical therapy works

Giving birth can, at times, unfold a host of pelvic health and orthopedic conditions that should not go unaddressed ('should' is the key word here...postpartum care is not yet standardized in America...but we are moving in that direction)! Postpartum pain and orthopedic issues related to the pelvis can be appropriately treated with pelvic floor physical therapy.

Take Aneeka's success story, for example.

Aneeka came to us after the birth of her second child, and presented with sacroiliac joint pain and SI joint hyper-mobility after pregnancy, which can be challenging for both the patient and clinician alike.

Ligamentous laxity that is increased during pregnancy and after pregnancy (as long as you are breastfeeding) adds to that challenge.

Aneeka suffered from low back pain as well — a symptom for which studies indicate that up to 65% of women experience low back pain during pregnancy with sleep disturbances and impaired daily living. Sadly, on average only 25% of prenatal care providers recommend a treatment (Wang et al 2004)!

Like other patients, Aneeka's presentation was not limited to pain—it also included stress urinary incontinence after pregnancy. It was an awesome day when Anneka not only conquered her Sacroiliac joint pain but also yelled to us across the pilates studio with some serious excitement:

Aneeka's personalized healing plan incorporates various treatment methods, including Pilates.

Aneeka's personalized healing plan incorporates various treatment methods, including Pilates.

“Guess what? I can now jump on the trampoline without leaking!"

The road to conquering SI joint pain when you have a hyper mobile joint can at times be challenging, but Anneka stayed the course with a dramatic increase in function.

In Aneeka’s own words:

“If it wasn't for Sarton, I would still be in pain. I came here after the birth of my second child because I was experiencing constant back and pelvic pain. It was affecting my mood and my ability to care for my kids…Being pain-free is such a blessing.” Yes it is! Great job, Anneka and thank you for inspiring us with your perseverance and motto to never give up!

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